EdVisto Awarded Commissioner of the Year by Haaga-Helia Porvoo

EdVisto was awarded as Commissioner of the Year by Haaga-Helia Porvoo campus on May 5, 2017. The yearly award goes to “companies / organisations who are actively involved in the cooperation with Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, who are encouraging students to perform over expectation, and who have an open mind towards the ideas of students.” EdVisto was especially praised for the successful collaboration over the last one and a half years.

IT coordinator Darren Trofimczuk from Haaga-Helia has widely helped build the collaboration and he told in his speech that he really thinks EdVisto as a company will go far in Finland and outside Finland. He also told that the partnership between Haaga-Helia and EdVisto will continue next year. The EdVisto platform is increasingly being used by staff and students from all degree programs at Porvoo campus. Haaga-Helia already purchased user licences to the platform for 50 teachers and students for next year. 

Joni AlWindi, the CEO of EdVisto, told that he is very grateful for receiving the prize. He told it has been an honour to work with Haaga-Helia for over a year already. Joni said that Darren has been a true pioneer what it comes to the philosophy and the methodology that EdVisto wants to provide to schools and universities. Joni also wanted to thank Kaija Lindroth, the Degree Programme Director of Haaga-Helia, who has been very supportive for Darren’s ideas and for the use of EdVisto. He mentioned also Marcel van den Brom, who has been a great, passionate student and the team leader in the EdVisto project. Marcel has shown a lot of passion and dedication which can be seen as important features for a startup as well to succeed. 

Here is a video of the Digiday at Porvoo campus that EdVisto also took part in the spring: https://www.facebook.com/DigiDay18/videos/740634462774951/

EdVisto Road Show in Tapiola as Part of City of Espoo KYKY Project

EdVisto Road Show visited Tapiola High School in the city of Espoo October the 26th 2016. Co-operation with the Tapiola High School was originally started through the KYKY project that aimed at the co-development of EdTech companies and the city of Espoo. In the KYKY project, education companies and schools develop and experiment with new products and practices that promote new learning.

As a venue for the video tour in Tapiola High School was a lobby style space, where students gather for example between their classes to spend time. The Road Show was arranged so that the invited teachers visited the lobby with their student group at agreed times. Teacher Pia Liimatainen was responsible for organizing the tour at the school.

Three teacher’s groups participated in the event: mother tongue, English and French language student groups. The students had created user accounts in EdVisto beforehand so they were able to start planning and creating their video stories immediately in small groups. EdVisto’s team followed the progress of the work and guided the students when needed. After the event for students, a separate workshop was held for teachers to use EdVisto.

A road show on the Tapiola high school was documented in a joint video about the KYKY projects in Espoo. Joni AlWindi, the CEO of EdVisto, was interviewed in the video about how the co-operation between the city of Espoo and the company supports and utilizes each other.

Promotion video in English available here.

“Video Storytelling as a Teaching Method” Road Show Started in Lauttasaari

EdVisto’s New Collaboration Features Help Teachers in the Digital Leap

The provider of video storytelling as a teaching method, EdVisto 2.0, started its launch tour at Lauttasaari international business high school on October 3, 2016. The tour kickoff was hosted and assisted by the company’s multinational team, international students from Haaga-Helia and Chinese exchange students from Beijing. The EdVisto Road Show plans to visit 10 Finnish schools during the autumn to present the effective and fun way of learning with the new features of EdVisto. 

HELSINKI, November 1, 2016 – During the launch tour that started in October, EdVisto releases its 2.0 version that captures the entire learning process. The tour aims at showcasing how video storytelling can be used in teaching, promoting genuine interaction, collaborative creation and learning together in line with the objectives of the new Finnish core curriculum. The theme of the tour is “Know your skills” which highlights the active role of students as content creators as well as learning as interaction. This happens by focusing on their strengths and inspiring them through communal storytelling.

During the kick off event at Lauttasaari, the students got acquainted with EdVisto at the demo points in the lobby, they registered to the service and tried out video creation with their devices. The students reflected their own skills on the video and told that they liked project based learning, in particular for the reason that by this way you get to do the cooperation. The first event of the tour was attended by a total of about 200 persons, of whom 122 registered to EdVisto during the demo day. Along with the highschool students, a group of upper secondary school students got inspired of creating video stories in the lobby. Also the group of Chinese exchange students started their video project at the event.

Director of the international program at Lauttasaari international business highschool, Mia-Stiina Heikkala, says: “Project- and teamwork skills are study- and worklife skills that have been named as part of the most important skills to learn in our school, together with interaction- and communication skills. We started our collaboration with the digital storytelling platform, EdVisto, last spring. We tested the application during our study trip to Stockholm, where we got to know different companies and business promoters, such as chamber of commerce and the Stockholm School of Economics. We are now trying to expand the use of EdVisto with several teachers.”

EdVisto has also visited Omnia Espoo, Tapiola high school, two primary schools in Hattula and Haaga-Helia Porvoo, during October. Joni AlWindi, the CEO of EdVisto, says: “We are getting more and more confirmation about the need for this type of solution, where the focus is on cooperation and ease of use. EdVisto’s continued emphasis on these features in the new version has received good feedback. The challenge with taking the new curriculum and new teaching methods into action is that the teacher’s new role requires plenty of guidance. The EdVisto school tour has given us a chance to develop our teacher training offering further by hearing concrete challenges from teachers’ everyday life.”

The tour proceeds next to Tampere in early November. More information about the tour and EdVisto in the address: www.edvisto.com/roadshow

Media contact
Joni AlWindi, CEO
Phone: +358 458 440 044
Email: joni@edvisto.com
Press kit: www.edvisto.com/press

EdVisto’s video story about the event is found here: EdVisto Lauttasaaren Kansainvälisen liiketoiminnan lukiossa

Otava Invests in EdVisto and Digital Storytelling

The provider of video storytelling as a teaching and lesrning method, EdVisto, and Otava Publishing start cooperation to advance digital learning and new learning methods.

Bringing video-based storytelling as part of the students’ learning processes will open up new opportunities for self-expression and allows an easy-to-use way to utilize students’ own devices as part of the studying.

The new curriculum allows and promotes taking the learning situations into students’ everyday life as authentic learning experiences. EdVisto and Otava provide a solution that, with the help of technology, enables genuine interaction, collaborative storytelling and shared learning aligned with the curriculum objectives.

Using video storytelling in teaching and learning combines traditional storytelling and modern technology. By investing in EdVisto, a pedagogically unique online service, we at Otava strengthen our position as experts in the use of digital content in education”, says Teuvo Sankila, Publishing Director at Otava Publishing.

“We are excited to start the cooperation with Otava Publishing. Otava’s will to invest in better learning and seeing video story creation online as a major part of it fits perfectly with EdVisto’s objectives. Otava’s strong tradition and success in the Finnish education sector is important as we develop new services that enhance learning together”, says Joni AlWindi, CEO of EdVisto.

More information:
Publishing Director Teuvo Sankila +358 50 373 7474 teuvo.sankila@otava.fi

CEO Joni AlWindi +358 458 440 044 joni@edvisto.com
Press kit: www.edvisto.com/press

EdVisto Announces Global Partnership with Fun Academy

EdVisto announces a distribution partnership with Fun Academy, the e-Learning company that was recently spun off from Rovio. Fun Academy plans to pilot EdVisto as a part of its digital offering in the context of its Angry Birds Playground concept for early childhood education. Children in Minnesota (US) Angry Birds Playground classrooms are currently collaboratively with Singapore and Finland locations working on a story, and EdVisto fits well to that purpose with its collaboration feature. EdVisto is one of Fun Academy’s first partner products and it will be offered in selected international markets. The partnership is initiated at a perfect time for EdVisto, as efforts to internationalize are still in pilot mode.

Read more at CICERO Learning web site.

(In the picture: Joni AlWindi from EdVisto and Sanna Lukander from Fun Academy)

EdVisto 1.0 Launch at the ITK Fair

EdVisto 1.0 is launched! EdVisto was at the ITK Fair in Hämeenlinna, Finland, last week to promote the national launch of EdVisto 1.0. ITK (Interactive Technologies in Education) was crowded of teachers looking for new solutions to incorporate in their teaching, although in a quite hectic environment.

The EdVisto team could enjoy many brief conversations about digital storytelling and the use of video in education, and was glad to note a strong initial interest from a wide range of people, from teachers and principals to teacher trainers and decision makers.

EdVisto’s Finnish press release is found here: Lehdistötiedote huhtikuu 11

EdVisto’s New Story Editor – Introducing “Scenes”

EdVisto has renewed its editing tool to better support the concept of storytelling and simpler video editing. The aim of the editor was to be intuitive enough, so that the use of it would not take away valuable teaching and learning time, but at the same time be fun enough to use for more experienced users, who were missing more advanced editing features from video editors such as iMovie. As EdVisto aims to offer a storytelling platform and not a video editor, the technical team of EdVisto came up with a new solution, which is designed to better support the concept of storytelling with scenes as the central elements. At the same time it allows for the editing of video, images, sounds and text through a simple yet powerful user interface.

EdVisto at EDUCA Fair

EdVisto was presented at the national training fair for teachers, Educa, on January 29-30, 2016. The EdVisto team was out to gather feedback and engage in conversation with potential users of the video storytelling platform.

In conjunction with the fair, the EdVisto beta version was pre-launched with a fair discount offered to Educa visitors. EdVisto and digital storytelling as a teaching method raised broad interest among the visitors.

EdVisto Accepted at the X Edu Accelerator

DiSEL21 Oy was selected to join the X Edu Accelerator Program starting in the end of January 2016. X Edu is cooperating with the Behavioral Sciences Department of Helsinki University and is the first Education Technology Accelerator in the Nordics. It aims at bringing together education experts and startups, schools and researchers as well as government agencies in order to more effectively develop education services and technologies to answer the needs of the education market and advance 21st century learning. The X Edu Accelerator Program also aims at effectively opening international markets for new startups.