Finnish EdTech Companies to Offer Free Distance Learning

Finnish edtech companies unite to offer free access to distance learning apps for coronavirus-stricken schools. The ongoing coronavirus outbreak is closing schools worldwide and confines teachers and students at their homes for weeks. This challenging situation prompted a group of Finnish edtech companies to reach out a helping hand and provide free access to some of their pedagogical solutions well suited for distance learning.

The Finnish website launched today brings together an array of locally developed educational tools, based on high-quality Finnish pedagogical content. The showcased applications are well suited for distance learning in situations where teachers need to complement the traditional learning methods with tools for learning at home.

Over the weekend, this open innovation project snowballed from a few edtech companies to more than ten entrepreneurs who also wanted to offer access to their applications free of charge for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak.

The applications currently offered free of charge are developed by 10Monkeys, 3DBear, Code School Finland, Eduten, EdVisto, Elias Robot, Four Ferries, Freeed, Mehackit, Reactored, Seppo, Thinglink and TinyApp.

The number of free applications is likely to grow in the coming weeks but already now, the resources provide engaging content from Pre-K to K-12 and beyond (pre-school, primary/elementary school, middle/upper school and secondary education and training) for problem solving, mathematics, science, language learning, programming, design and much more.

This initiative was ignited by a Finnish innovation consulting company Spinverse, whose managing director Laura Koponen started contacting Finnish edtech developers to tackle the issue of finding alternative ways of learning if the schools close their doors. “As a mother of two elementary school boys, I wanted to do something tangible to help teachers in their challenging task to continue teaching in the coming weeks. Providing schools with free access to engaging and motivating educational content for the duration of the outbreak was the idea I started working on with the edtech entrepreneurs,” Laura Koponen says.

Exceptional times call for exceptional measures,” Jouni Kangasniemi, Program Director of Education Finland says. “I am happy to see that Finnish edtech solutions and content are now available for continuing and meaningful learning throughout Finland and abroad.

The applications and resources accessible via the portal provide an excellent snapshot of what the Finnish educational technologies have to offer. The applications are based on the successful Finnish education system, and many of the apps are already widely used in schools both in and outside Finland.

More information on the project:
Laura Koponen,
tel. +358 40 3500898

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Joni AlWindi,

EdVisto CEO Joni AlWindi Receives The WING Award

Joni WING AwardEdVisto CEO Joni AlWindi had the privilege to receive The Wing Award for ‘Unlocking Student Talent through Technology’ at the WING Awards Gala Ceremony at Grand Hotel in Stockholm on Friday, September 13.

The award, presented by Adobe, was motivated for “incredible work to merge technology and education reaching every child on an international level“, where in his continuous struggle, “Joni has shown persistent dedication and commitment in his mission to empower children through modern teaching“.

The WING Awards celebrate the “ingenuity of individuals and businesses striving to combat barriers faced by millions of girls accessing an education [recognising] excellent education initiatives and [placing] the spotlight on exceptional role-models and innovators who are an inspiration to our next generation“.


In his words, “I think it’s so important to, precisely following this title, unlock students’ talent through technology… …because we as adults cannot really teach kids that much, but we can unlock their talent by giving them the tools for them to express themselves… …let the kids tell their stories, through video, digital video, social media. They have the
technological skills. We just need to guide them when it comes to the pedagogy.
” Joni AlWindi, CEO at EdVisto.

The social enterprise behind the WING Summit and Awards, Raices Ltd., inspire teachers, decision makers and influential experts from all fields of public and private sectors to discuss and harness their experience in addressing global educational challenges. Dedicated to building the future of education through empowerment, partnership and recognition, the WING Summit and Awards bring together education and business stakeholders to explore and share ideas to collaborate toward creative action in education for girls. (

Joni AlWindi receiving ‘Unlocking student Talent through Technology Award’ at The Wing Award’ – World Initiative Next Generation by Raices Ltd Org.
Award presented By Adobe

EdVisto Launches New Service to Boost Finnish Education Solutions in Latin America

Building on 15 years of experience back and forth between Colombia and the Nordics, including 5 years living in Colombia and 8 years based in Finland, the CEO of EdVisto, Joni AlWindi, dedicated to executing on modern education opportunities in Latin America, announces the launch of the company’s consultancy services for Effective Education Implementation in Latin America.

“If you’ve ever been curious about Latin America, my strong belief is that now is the time and that Colombia is the country to start in”, AlWindi affirms.

The company’s recent developments have indicated a strong need for broader collaboration to enable effective progress in the education industry in general and in Latin America in particular. After a couple of years of collaborating with other Finnish entities in the region, AlWindi sees great potential with this wider strategic approach:

“In a digital world, there’s a lot of confusion about what technologies to introduce in the classroom, even whether or not to use any technology at all some times, whether or not the Internet is good or bad, whether or not to concentrate the learning to a classroom and even as to what the teacher’s and school’s role in modern learning really are. Modern pedagogical models indicate strongly that dramatic change is needed, if not complete transformation throughout the learning process. To enable this, we can not work individually as small private education companies. My firm belief is that we need to join forces, also with the giants of the industry, to build bridges between what does not work any longer and that which is proven to be needed.” Joni AlWindi, CEO of EdVisto

So far, EdVisto’s collaboration projects have targeted Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay. In September this year, the Finnish Government through Business Finland is sending a delegation of Finnish companies to Colombia and Mexico to continue exploring opportunities in Latin America. Regarding Colombia, this represents the first official follow-up after the inauguration of the Finnish Embassy in Bogota in 2017. Together with a former lawyer from the Colombian Education Ministry, Laura Tami, the company then started a video series about Finnish Education in Colombia.

This year, a third video is planned to highlight a selection of Finnish education companies dedicated to enter Colombia, and EdVisto is hereby calling interested entities to announce their interest directly to the CEO at

AlWindi concludes with an invitation to Finnish companies interested in the Latin American region:

The opportunities and counter parties in Latin America, now especially in Colombia, are eager to do business with Finnish people and entities, especially around education and now more than ever. If you’re interested in testing your concept or piloting your product in Colombia and Latin America, I’d be happy to look at a potential collaboration.” Joni AlWindi, CEO of EdVisto

For more information:

Joni AlWindi
CEO & Co-Founder
EdVisto Ltd


EdVisto’s “EdVisto Films” launches its Finnkino Cooperation with Olari High school

Video storytelling as a learning method is strongly on its way to more and more schools. The use of video in subject-based learning is not a new Cover EdVisto Films Launchmethodology, but interactive use of video has not always been understood to be benefited from in a pedagogical way. Now, EdVisto enhances its video storytelling methodology even further, by taking a leap into the cinema world. With an inspiring film or documentary relating to the topic to be studied, students are given the opportunity to first create their own video productions and then show them at the Finnkino theatres, inviting  other classes, the entire school or even the entire city to enjoy. With mostly empty theatre spaces during daytime, there’s enough space even for parents to come along.

The first school out to try this concept is Olari high school, which on October 10 started its first video storytelling project in the Finnkino theatres together with EdVisto.

“The film interested everyone and everyone learnt something new. Watching a film at the cinema truly inspired the course work in a nice way, in our case regarding the 4b6c3fea-2eef-4bc8-abc2-ab5c3fe024cechallenge of plastic in the environment. The event got in all ways the best grade from the students! Our work continues with the EdVisto platform and in November we hope to get back to Finnkino to show the students’ own productions.” – Kirsi Maria Vakkilainen, Chemistry Lecturer and Natural Sciences Coordinator, Olari High School

EdVisto now invites schools in Finnkino cities to get acquainted with the new ”EdVisto Films” concept.

Contact us at:

Movie greetings,

The EdVisto team

EdVisto and Kide Science start collaborating in Colombia

As EdVisto has started its operations in Colombia, several Finnish companies that are focusing on education export are entering the country to promote Finnish educational philosophy.

This year, EdVisto’s first partner is Kide Science, a Finnish company that organizes children’s science clubs. The pedagogical model is aimed at day care centers and parents of young children who want to feed children’s enthusiasm into the world of science. Kide Science visited Taller de Arte Arco Iris daycare campus launching a science club pilot project in March 2018.

“We’re very happy to invite Kide Science as a collaborator in our attempt to co-create a strong educational ecosystem in Colombia, promoting excellent Finnish innovation with high quality pedagogical focus, combining play and research skills. Kide Science’s early concept piloting the use of video with the EdVisto platform makes us proud to see how fast and effectively the concept has evolved from research to practice, inspiring children in a beautiful way, by becoming young scientists with their natural curiosity to learn and discover, being stimulated through a beautifully designed pedagogical methodology.” Joni AlWindi, CEO of EdVisto.

With the guidance of Finnish early-age educators, children between the ages of 3 and 8 are allowed to become researchers already before school.

Pedagogical innovation was born on the basis of a research by the founder of the company, the researcher at the University of Helsinki, Jenni Vartiainen. She has over 10 years of experience in natural science education for young children through phenomenal learning and playfulness.

In Kide Science Clubs, children and educators can help the child to ignite the enthusiasm for natural sciences that remains throughout life. At the beginning of this year, an experiential natural science lesson was accessible for the large audience to be seen, as the YLE TV Pikkukakkonen, program Tiedonjyvä, presented a concept nationwide.

Kide Science has also developed a digital learning environment where children can learn natural sciences in the fictive world of the Supra Valley through play, creativity and drama. The purpose is to support the child’s natural enthusiasm for the sciences. According to research, this enthusiasm remains up to adulthood.

EdVisto and Kide Science fit also methodically well together: “EdVisto makes it easy to document own observations and communication between children even if they can’t read yet. I would highly recommend it, especially to support the exploratory science education,” says Jenni Vartiainen, Pedagogical Director of Kide Science.

Collaboration between Kide Science and EdVisto, supported by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Education Finland (focusing on education export), and the Ministry of Culture and Education, aims to bring Finnish philosophy of teaching in Colombia.

For more information

Joni AlWindi, CEO
Phone:+358 458 440 044

Sari Hurme-Mehtälä, CEO
Phone: +358 44 531 5134

EdVisto Part of the European Commission’s Video-supported Collaborative Learning Project

Aims at developing comprehensive pedagogical use of video in teaching

EdVisto participates in a joint ViSuAL project across Europe to develop video-utilization models as part of teaching. At a European level, there is a need to develop teachers’ expertise in using video tools in a way that develops students’ skills needed in work life, such as problem solving and critical thinking skills.

HELSINKI, 26 February 2018 – EdVisto visited in the Netherlands to kick off a video-supported education alliance (ViSuAL) project among of 6 Higher Education Institutions -Teacher Education Departments and 6 Educational Technology Designers. The project is part of the EACEA Erasmus+ program and involves six European countries. The three-year project has participants from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Tartu University from Estonia, Aeres University of Applied Sciences from Holland and University of Évora from Portugal, to mention a few. The aim is to study and develop models based on video-supported collaborative learning and to increase the next generation of teachers’ awareness of methods to promote future skills.

“In teacher education, the aim should be that teachers should be even ahead of time in using learning and teaching technologies, to keep pace with the demands of the students, who were born and raised around technology. Even though theoretical knowledge is highly appreciated, the use of video in teaching enables access to practical information sources, particularly in the fields of hands-on studies, such as healthcare training. Competence can be much more than just writing and it can be shown in several other ways, so the use of video enables involvement and inclusion for different learners,” says Sirpa Laitinen-Väänänen, project leader at JAMK Vocational Teacher Education College.

EdVisto has so far received very good feedback from the universities of applied sciences within the European countries that are part of the ViSuAL project. Frank de Jong from Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Holland tells about his first impressions of EdVisto in a video:

The CEO of EdVisto, Joni AlWindi, commented on the project as follows: “It’s inspiring that a lot has already been achieved at the research level on the various opportunities for the use of video in teaching. We strongly encourage the theoretical knowledge to faster and more effectively transfer into practical use on large scale and as a clear and strong pedagogical package. The aim is to increase the understanding of the tremendous and already known benefits of the method at all levels, teacher, school and city level, so well that there would be no reason not to implement these kind of solutions as official learning and teaching tools, instead of for example only books and digitalized versions of books and other methods created for consumption only, with highly limited space for creativity and development of modern skills for the learner. The ViSuAL project is a beautiful extension of the research behind EdVisto and exactly what Europe needs, and even more so as a strong example for the world to follow.”

For more information

Joni AlWindi, CEO


Digital storytelling has been scientifically proven to be a motivating and inspiring teaching method. DiSEL21 continues to develop it and bring it into schools in practical level. EdVisto combines the most ancient teaching method of storytelling with modern video and social sharing technology for a powerful learning solution, which has become an important part of today’s teaching. The company behind EdVisto, DiSEL21 Ltd, was established in 2015 together with the University of Helsinki to meet the needs of the 21st century teaching. After seven years of university research, DiSEL21 launches a pedagogically strong video storytelling platform that effectively supports the students’ future skills development and their growth into active citizenship.



Lenovo Education Finland and EdVisto Announce Collaboration

Technology company Lenovo and EdVisto initiate collaboration that aims at bringing video storytelling into the classrooms on large scale. Lenovo creates technological solutions and provides devices to consumers and businesses. One of Lenovo’s major projects focuses on the Finnish education industry, in particular in making the digital leap a reality.

Lenovo’s role in the education industry is to provide a diverse selection of technological solutions including laptops, workstations, displays, tablets and smartphones. Lenovo EDU Ecosystem offers, together with its partners, applications and services that enable digital learning.

“Our active role among decision-makers in the education sector has given us a strong understanding of the needs and the best solutions that we want to make available to the entire education field in Finland. Technology is at its best, when it inspires and motivates students to learn. Storytelling has across time worked as a learning method. What could be better than combining stories and modern technology.” Leif Ekebom, Business Manager, Lenovo Finland.

“It’s a great honor for us to get such a strong expert in the education industry on board as our technology partner. With Lenovo, we are able to plan our offering on a larger scale and as part of a new, innovative package, which we wouldn’t be able to do alone. This is a really exciting continuation of EdVisto’s own story.” Joni AlWindi, CEO of EdVisto.

Combining EdVisto’s video storytelling method and tool with the Lenovo technology solution will enable an inspiring learning environment where students can be active content creators.

For more information:

Joni AlWindi
CEO, EdVisto

Leif Ekebom
Business Manager, Lenovo Finland



EdVisto Invites 100 Schools to Celebrate Finland 100 Years through Video Stories

The campaign encourages students to learn about the Finland100 theme in a fun way

The provider of video storytelling as a teaching and learning method, EdVisto, organizes a campaign, where students create video stories about “Finland 100” during the autumn. The theme of the campaign is “Finland through the eyes of students – 100 video stories about Finland”, and it is part of the centennial year program of Finland’s Independence. EdVisto offers video storytelling platform for free for subscribers to the campaign for the rest of the year and, in addition, the opportunity to win a license for the school for the whole year ahead.

HELSINKI, September the 15th, 2017 – EdVisto launches a three-month Finland 100 campaign for schools. The goal of the campaign is that students from upper and lower secondary schools from 100 schools around Finland plan, film and edit educational videos of their chosen theme. The topics of video stories may be for example about the Finnish history, present stage or future. As well, themes can be related to the “together” theme or the meaning of communality. The campaign culminates near the Independence Day, when the best schools are rewarded with EdVisto’s one-year licenses.

EdVisto wants to be involved in representing the world-famous Finnish competence in education. The campaign aims to encourage teachers and students to try out a new video storytelling methodology in learning. This way the teachers and students get a chance to explore Finland’s jubilee year in a fun way and learn about the related phenomena through video stories. During the project, valuable video material will be created on how 100 years old Finland is seen through the eyes of present-day students.

Media contact

Joni AlWindi, CEO
Phone: +358 458 440 044
Press kit:


The company behind EdVisto, DiSEL21 Ltd, was established in 2015 together with the University of Helsinki to meet the needs of the 21st century teaching. After seven years of university research, DiSEL21 launches a pedagogically strong video storytelling platform that effectively supports the students’ future skills development and their growth into active citizenship.

Digital storytelling has been scientifically proven to be a motivating and inspiring teaching method. DiSEL21 continues to develop it and bring it into schools in practical level. EdVisto combines the most ancient teaching method of storytelling with modern video and social sharing technology for a powerful learning solution, which has become an important part of today’s teaching. Read more at


EdVisto and Heureka Co-developing Phenomenon-based Learning Method

EdVisto participated in the spring projects “DIT-Heureka” and “6AIKA EduDigi”, where EdTech companies and school classes collaborated to take the product development to the next level. EdVisto’s aim was to demonstrate how phenomenon-based learning can be put into practice by the incentives provided by the Heureka Science Center combined with video storytelling. Five classes of primary and secondary schools from the cities of Vantaa and Helsinki participated in the project.

The classes involved in the project visited the Heureka Science Center twice during the spring. During the first visit, students got familirized with both EdVisto and the different exhibitions at Heureka. Students explored topics and exhibition themes that they had chosen in groups, and started to generate ideas, take pictures and film video material for their presentations. The themes of the 4th and 5th grade students were selected according to the themes of the exhibition. The 7th and 8th grade students created video stories on the “senses” theme using the different stimulus provided by Heureka. The project was at the same time a part of an entrepreneurship education, as Heureka’s staff presented the students with the iterative cycle of product development and the variois stages of everyday products.

On the second visit, the students finalized their video stories and presented them in the form of a film viewing group by group. The students had had the chance to continue their video presentation in school between the visits, adding elements available in the school and to seek more information on the subject. The achievements of the students were really successful, taking into account only the few hours had been used to study the phenomena and create the videos presentations. Some of the students had also edited their videos outside school time. Background music and texts finalized the results in a nice way. 

Kati Surakka, teacher of upper secondary school, commented on her class experience: “The students were excited about the new learning method with such active engagement. They started innovatively to work on videos and came up with many different ways to approach the senses as phenomena. Video storytelling enables creative learning – the only limit is your imagination! Heureka provided a great framework for exploring the senses, and Heureka inspired the students to film the phenomena in a truly diverse way. “

Heureka’s Project manager Leenu Juurola who has coordinated the collaboration, says: “In the Science Center Heureka, phenomenon-based learning comes naturally, and our key goal is that in the future the role of the visitor will become more and more as an active composer instead of just an experiencer. With EdVisto’s learning application, students who participated in the pilot produced their own stories and learning content from Heureka’s exhibits, which also helped us to see the exhibitions with the visitor’s eye. Many of the stories produced by the students were nicely thought-out and implemented, and it was far-reaching to see how naturally the students make use of the means of video storytelling methods. The experience also made us think about how Heureka could allow sharing of stories from visitors in an exhibition or online.”

“It has been very inspiring for us to follow how creatively and in so many ways the students have started to use EdVisto. Heureka is an ideal place for phenomenon-based learning, where students naturally get very inspiring material for their own videos. We encourage all learners to take advantage of these types of physical environments when using digital tools,” says Joni AlWindi, the CEO of EdVisto.

Original interview with EdVisto CEO, Joni AlWindi. (Finnish)


EdVisto Certified for Quality Education by Kokoa Agency

EdVisto received a quality certification by Kokoa Agency as a recognition of a product that enhances learning. Kokoa Agency evaluates pedagogical products and services according to their criteria, and it gives a certification to companies that fulfil the demands.  As a sign of a high quality product, EdVisto received a Kokoa Education Standard stamp.

The Kokoa Education Standard evaluation consists of pedagogical and learning engagement parts. The evaluation criteria is based on 21st century skills and the Finnish understanding of efficient learning. EdVisto got the best A level scores from all the pedagogical categories. In the learning engagement part EdVisto was appreciated for its self-efficacy supporting characteristics.

EdVisto was especially praised for its built-in pedagogy: the entire learning is based on learning by doing and the user’s own activities. EdVisto is suitable for many age groups as the user is able to create either a simple video story or a technically more advanced video. In addition EdVisto was commended to its possibility to work in groups inside the platform, which helps developing collaboration and interaction skills.

Below you can read more (in Finnish) what the entrepreneur and co-founder of the Kokoa Agency, Olli Vallo, thinks about how to recognize a high quality EdTech product. Olli was presenting his ideas at the Arctic15 startup event, and he mentioned EdVisto as an example of the three great companies he believes in, and besides EdVisto the other companies are called Mightifier and Seppo: