Head Start in China for EdVisto Piloting

The University of Helsinki and Beijing University are starting a cooperation next spring, where digital storytelling in learning will be researched. Professors and researchers as well as teachers and students from the partner schools will take part in the cooperation. In the Chinese partner schools digital storytelling with EdVisto will be tried already during December 8 – 31, i.e. even before the official piloting of EdVisto in Finland is scheduled to start.

The trial in China is part of a broader research cooperation between Chinese and Finnish schools, as well as between the universities.

More information about the cooperation is found in Finnish at the University website.

EdVisto at Yle Morning TV during SLUSH

The company behind EdVisto, DiSEL21 Oy, was highlighted as the showcase example of 2015 of successful commercialization projects originating in top-notch research from the University of Helsinki. In collaboration with Helsinki Innovation Services, the company DiSEL21 Oy was created to catalyze the development of the video storytelling platform that excites students to learn. Yle Morning TV interviews the CEO of Helsinki Innovation Services, Jari Strandman, and the CEO of DiSEL21, Joni AlWindi.

EdVisto Present at International Seminar

EdVisto was invited by Laurea University of Applied Sciences to take part in the closing seminar of its Lifelong Learning-program, the AHEAD-project, on September 9, 2015. The seminar topic was “Co-Creating Learning Adventures into the Digital World” and the audience was 55+ aged seniors, who have been trained to make travel stories with tablets.

Johanna Penttilä from Helsinki University’s CICERO Learning Network and Anne Kuokkanen from EdVisto spoke about experiences from young people as creators of digital stories, while presenting the latest updates of the video storytelling platform EdVisto. The topic of their presentation was  What could we learn from children as digital storytellers?”

An opportunity to learn more about the platform was offered in the afternoon Learning Cafe, where also EdVisto’s CEO Joni AlWindi was present.

EdVisto Presented to Taiwanese Delegation

The new video service was presented to a Taiwanese delegation at the University of Helsinki at an event organized by professor Hannele Niemi and CICERO Learning Network on August 21, 2015. Present were school directors and other education experts and decision makers from the city of Taipei. They were interested in learning about web-based teaching and learning tools originating in Finland. DiSEL21 was invited to the event to present its product EdVisto for the first time (at the time the new platform was still using the research name MoViE). The platform attracted much positive attention from the visitors.